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I-94 St. Cloud Intelligent Work Zone Data Collection and Evaluation
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Rashmi Brewer, P.E.


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I-94 St. Cloud Intelligent Work Zone Data Collection and Evaluation

Project description
The I-94 St. Cloud Intelligent Work Zone (IWZ) project will provide travel time information and queue warnings for both westbound and eastbound I-94 from Avon, MN to Rogers, MN. The westbound direction of this section of I-94 is already heavily instrumented with the Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) detection and dynamic message signs (DMS). The IWZ Contractor will supplement the existing RTMC system in the westbound direction and provide a standalone system for the eastbound direction.


I-94 St. Cloud Intelligent Work Zone – Data Collection & Evaluation project tasks will complete an independent evaluation of the MnDOT RTMC and IWZ Contractor-supplied Intelligent Work Zone on I-94 east of St. Cloud. 


MnDOT CCTV coverage will enable a data quality check for a portion of I-94 in both directions. This project will perform baseline data collection and analysis to report the following information to MnDOT District 3 and the MnDOT Project Manager on a weekly basis:

  • Determine the accuracy and latency of the MnDOT RTMC-supplied system.
  • Determine the accuracy and latency of the contractor-supplied IWZ travel time systems.
  • Determine the accuracy of the contractor-supplied stopped traffic advisory systems.


MnDOT's Market Research Section will conduct public outreach and obtain feedback to determine the value and acceptable quality of data provided by the travel time systems from the travelers’ perspective. This project will analyze and summarize the public’s perspective with respect to the travel time information provided on both systems.




  • IWZ system gives travel times so that road users can adjust their route or plan for unexpected delays
  • IWZ system gives drivers warnings of stopped or slow traffic ahead as the queue begins to backup
  • System evaluation helps MnDOT determine whether the systems are working properly
  • System evaluation gives MnDOT performance metrics for evaluating how effectively the system performs



Next steps

  • Collect baseline data
  • Analyze data and prepare weekly summaries
  • Analyze user feedback from online surveys