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Work Zone ATMS


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Many incidents can be traced to excessive vehicle speeds within the work zone. Other incidents are common in the area proceeding the work zone where queuing of vehicles and merging of traffic into one lane may occur. In an effort to improve safety, increase capacity and reduce vehicle queues, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) has applied the use of Dynamic Merge Systems and Variable Speed Limit (VSL) systems in work zones.


The Dynamic Merge System is suitable for both urban and rural construction zones. The objective of the VSL system test was to determine the extent to which VSL systems can lead to better compliance, increased credibility of speed limits, improved safety, and improved traffic flow in work zones. The system implemented included a VSL system, advance VMS, sensors and detectors, wireless communications, software, and automated data collection functions. Mn/DOT anticipates the VSL system will be tested on a rural construction work zone at a location yet to be finalized. Mn/DOT will also investigate options for utilizing VSL systems in permanent bottleneck areas that commonly experience congestion, delay and reduced speeds.