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Vehicles as Sensors (VAS)
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Vehicles as Sensors (VAS)


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The USDOT sponsored the Vehicles as Sensors (VAS) project to conduct initial research into communication technologies and issues relating to the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) initiative. The VAS project team involves a partnership between Mn/DOT and Ford Motor Company. The goal of the project is to develop a vehicle interface that will be capable of gathering and transmitting data from the vehicle (e.g., speed, travel time, air and surface temperature, traction control actuation, automated collision notification, etc.) to a traffic management center for incorporation into the traveler information system. The interface unit also will be capable of receiving traveler information from the traffic management center for presentation to the driver through a variety of media.


The VAS system is a mobile multi-modal communications infrastructure that involves three primary components. The first component is the in-vehicle software and hardware platform for obtaining and processing vehicle BUS data as well as the event and communication control system. The second component involves the network and communication protocols to support multi-modal communication methodologies. The third integral component involves server-based software to process and aggregate this live vehicle data, to update the ATIS information and communicate to VAS.


This system was field tested in Mn/DOT’s freeway service patrol and in Minnesota State Patrol vehicles. The devices utilize cellular and WiFi communication technologies.