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Systems Engineering for Standard ITS Applications
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Systems Engineering for Standard ITS Applications


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The Systems Engineering for Standard ITS Applications includes Concept of Operations (ConOps), Functional Requirements (FRs), and ITS Checklists for standard ITS applications.  The standard ITS applications are identified as: Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Warning, Road Weather Information Systems, Standard Traffic Signal, and Weigh-in-Motion.  These documents will be used by Mn/DOT as a resource for planning, designing, and implementing standard ITS deployments statewide.    Each application has a standardized ConOps and FRs documents.  Additionally, an ITS checklist for each standard application is provided as a resource for ease of completing all required project documentation. The ConOps and FRs document for each application is intended to be fairly static with occasional updates, while project specific information will be provided on the associated checklist.  The overall goal is to provide Mn/DOT with the assurance of project compliance required upon federal authorization