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Reducing Crashes at Rural Intersections
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Reducing Crashes at Rural Intersections: Toward Multi-State Consensus on Intersection Decision Support


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Crashes at rural thru-stop intersections frequently involve drivers on minor roadways failing to select a proper gap in traffic when entering high-speed, high-volume highways. Preliminary information seems to point to drivers’ inability to correctly identify and select safe gaps to enter an intersection.


This problem was also identified by NCHRP Study #17-18(3) which developed guidelines for the implementation of Strategic Highway Safety Plans. In the report, Objective 17.1.4 is, “Assist drivers in judging gap sizes at unsignalized intersections.” This objective embodies the focus of a Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF-5(086)) effort that was initiated in 2004 through the Federal Highway Administration. The nine participating states and University of Minnesota research team have combined their resources to develop a better understanding of the causes of crashes at rural thru-stop intersections and then identify an effective strategy to mitigate crashes.


A portable surveillance system, consisting of the following four components, is being used in each of the members’ states to collect intersection data.