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Mn/PASS I-394 'HOT' Lanes
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Mn/PASS I-394 'HOT' Lanes


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May 16, 2005 marked the day MnPASS I-394 high occupancy toll (HOT) lane broke ground. The main goal of Mn/PASS is to improve the usage of the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane that was built in 1992 using federal funding, without affecting the speeds for transit and carpoolers. Accordingly, the underused HOV lanes were converted to HOT lanes also known as the Mn/PASS 394 Express Lanes. These lanes permit single occupant drivers to pay a user fee to access the HOV lanes. Speeds and capacity of the HOT lane are maintained by dynamically changing the toll according to the demand and use of the lane. Currently, the toll ranges from $0.25 up to $8.00. In-vehicle transponders, road scanners, and loop detectors are the tools used to automate the processes of toll collection and pricing without stopping or slowing down drivers.


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