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Minnesota ITS Safety Plan

Project Description

This Minnesota Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Safety Plan was intended to be a companion document to the Minnesota Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (CHSP), the Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) Program, and the Minnesota Statewide Heavy Vehicle Safety Plan (SHVSP). All three plans and the TZD Program have a common goal (reducing fatal and life changing injuries), share a common ancestry, and have a similar development process (based on outreach to safety partners). Additionally, each plan presents a comprehensive approach and a set of strategies for addressing identified safety needs in their designated areas.


A broad range of dedicated traffic safety stakeholders developed the CHSP, TZD Program, and the SHVSP. With these plans and programs underway, those involved began to focus on ITS technology as another tool to reduce highway fatalities and serious injuries. Many of the same dedicated stakeholders involved in creating the CHSP, TZD Program, and the SHVSP met to begin preparation of a Minnesota ITS Safety Plan, utilizing ITS technology.


The purpose of the Minnesota ITS Safety Plan was to develop ITS strategies and initiatives that reduce the number of vehicle traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Minnesota roadways. The ITS Safety Plan supports other safety programs and provides the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT), and other stakeholders, with a plan for the implementation of ITS safety strategies and initiatives.