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ITS Planning and Regional Architecture (2009 version)


**A new 2014 version of the ITS Architecture is available at: Minnesota Statewide Regional ITS Architecture**

Project Description


The Minnesota Regional ITS Architecture represents a shared vision of how each agency’s systems work together by sharing information and resources to enhance transportation safety, efficiency, capacity, mobility, and security. The information exchange among the many transportation stakeholders helps illustrate various integration options, gain consensus on cost-effective ITS technologies and systems to be considered prior to investing in the design, development and deployment of ITS. 


The National ITS Architecture is a resource to the Minnesota Regional ITS Architecture, providing a framework for planning, defining and integrating ITS. The Minnesota Regional ITS Architecture is a living document and will evolve as needs, technology, stakeholders and funding change. The latest architecture version includes a detailed Operational Concept for each service and identified need, providing more information on how a system will be used and what stakeholder will use it.


The Regional ITS Architecture Implementation Projects Report identifies future ITS projects or project concepts, project sequencing, dependencies, and detailed project descriptions to help guide future project implementation.