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Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)

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The United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) launched a major initiative to reduce congestion across all modes of transportation.  The Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project is one of these initiatives to be implemented to help reduce congestion.


The concept behind the ICM initiative is based on the fact that freeways, arterial streets, and transit system often incorporate considerable technology solution to optimize performance of each individual system.  The ICM initiative seeks to integrate these systems together, resulting in integrated corridor management.  Therefore, the approach is to attempt to integrate existing technologies and strategies (adding some technologies as needed) to ultimately develop a fully integrated and optimized corridor.


The ICM Corridor in Minnesota is located on the west side of Minneapolis, centered on I-394.  The Corridor is a commuter path for travelers in to and out of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Geographically, the corridor extends north as far as Highway 55 and as far South as Highway 7, terminating Eastbound in downtown Minneapolis, and Westbound at I-494 (approximately 8 miles).