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Deer Detection and Warning System
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Deer Detection and Warning System

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MnDOT's focus for the Deer Detection and Warning System project is reduction of the number of deer/vehicle crashes (DVC). It is estimated that there are over 35,000 DVC yearly in the state resulting in 3 to 11 deaths, over 400 personal injuries, and close to 4,000 reported property damages of one thousand dollars or more. Of course, a large percentage of DVC are not reported do to insurance deductibles. The deer population has consistently been increasing as the total miles traveled also increases each year, therefore the problem will only worsen. Many methods have been tested trying to change the actions of deer as they approach a roadway, with very little success. The alternative is to alert drivers to act if a deer is near the road. A system was installed along Camden State Park, about 12 miles south of Marshall, MN, to ascertain if the number of DVC can be reduced. The system consists of two different parts; first a method to detect deer, and secondly to activate a flashing beacon on a standard deer sign to warn motorists of the possible danger so that they can slow down and check the right of way.