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Evaluation of Arterial Real-Time Traveler Info Commercial Probe Data

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This project is an independent evaluation of MnDOT’s Innovative Idea Arterial Real-Time Traveler Information Commercial Probe Data Project.  The Arterial Real-Time Traveler Information Commercial Probe Data Project is using commercially available floating car data from vehicle probes from a private sector data content provider (INRIX) to provide probe data (i.e., travel time and speed) for four months. The project evaluation will focus on assessing the accuracy and quality of the data delivered for various roads (or road types) in the metro area and a rural highway with an active work zone.  Hence, this third party evaluation of the commercial probe data project will work closely with the contractor project team and with MnDOT project representatives to develop an evaluation plan that can deliver the information needed to help MnDOT make future business decisions regarding commercial probe data.




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