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Traveler information on Cable Access Television
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Traveler Information on Cable Access Television


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When weather and travel are hazardous, the traveling public needs accurate and reliable information about current road conditions. This project was designed to test the delivery of deliver pertinent road information to the public using graphic displays of road condition maps on cable access television. Traveler information is taken from data sources such as CARS (Condition Acquisition and Reporting System) and R/WIS (Road and Weather Information System), and then sent to Minnesota Satellite and Technology. From there, two cable access television stations (Avrig and Sjoberg) in northwestern Minnesota download the data and deliver it to the public through their regular programming.


The test project was completed in October 2001 after a series of focus group evaluations. In addition to general public support of the service, the evaluation cited several potential improvements such as improving map details, adding a map legend, enhancing broadcast clarity, and providing audio or textual information.