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Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) - Highway 19
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Highway 19 IVI Final Report


Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) - Highway 19

Project Description

The objective of this project was to demonstrate magnetic and radar technologies in assisting snowplow operators to "see" road boundaries and obstacles in extremely low visibility conditions. This study was part of an overall program to explore Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) for specialty vehicles. The Highway 19 project incorporated magnetic tape down the center of the roadway that can be sensed and relayed to a user interface by technologies on the snowplow. The project also included rear and forward radar technologies. The rear radar assists other drivers approaching the snowplow from behind by alerting them with a flashing light. The forward radar alerts the plow operator that an obstacle is in the roadway ahead with both visual and audible alerts. Phase I covered testing during winter 1998-1999. Phase II covered testing during winter 1999-2000.