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Intersection Decision Support (IDS)
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Intersection Decision Support (IDS)

Project Description

The USDOT sponsored the Intersection Decision Support project to research infrastructure based solutions to crash problems at intersections. The infrastructure consortium consisted of DOTs and universities in Minnesota, Virginia, and California. Each state worked on specific intersection problems. Minnesota focused on assisting drivers in determining a safe gap to enter or cross an uncontrolled rural expressway from a STOP sign controlled minor roadway. The work included analysis to understand the crash problem at such intersections and to identify a candidate intersection for study. The project researched technologies and installed data collection equipment on State Trunk Highway 52 at County State Aid Route 9 in Goodhue County, north of Rochester, Minnesota. Analysis of the collected data characterized driver gap acceptance and crossing maneuvers. Testing in a driver simulator provided insight into the type of roadside sign concept that will be most effective in conveying unsafe gap information to the driver. This phase of the project did not include actual installation of a sign viewable by drivers.