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In July 2000, the FCC designated 511 as the national traveler information number. The FCC ruling left nearly all implementation issues and schedules to state and local agencies and telecommunications carriers. Consistent with the national designation of 511, the FCC expected that the transportation industry provide the traveling public with a quality service that has a degree of uniformity across the country.


Mindful of both the opportunity and challenge 511 presents, a coalition of national transportation organizations was created to guide deployment of 511 nationally. The goal of the 511 Deployment Coalition is "the timely establishment of a national 511 traveler information service that is sustainable and provides value to users." The 511 Deployment Coalition developed guidelines on what information should be provided by a basic 511 service (content) and the degree of uniformity and consistency of that service across the country (consistency).


Minnesota launched its 511 telephone and services statewide on July 1, 2002. In its first year of operation, Minnesota's service received 405,476 calls, which was a 140 percent increase from year prior to 511. 


Call 511 (or 800-542-0220 from outside Minnesota) or visit for live traveler information.