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Safety with Automatic Intelligent Locator (SAIL)
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Safety with Automatic Intelligent Locator (SAIL)

Project Description

In 1998, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) conducted a project originally named The Metro Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) project. It was than changed to what it is known today  as SAIL – Safety with Automated Intelligent Locator. The purpose of this project was to test CAD software and AVL technology in the Twin Cites metro area. This was an operational test that ran from March 19, 1999 to February 26, 2000. Six maintenance vehicles were equipped with portable mobile data terminals (MDT) for the test. The test was used to determine the feasibility of AVL technology for maintenance activities in the metro area, and assess the potential benefits if AVL technologies were to be implemented.


The benefits of this project were SAIL II was a project pursued by Mn/DOT to further assess the value of AVL.