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Prior to the Orion Project, Mn/DOT had performed a number of ITS Operational Tests, and had deployed a number of ITS technologies throughout the metropolitan area.  With Orion, the intent was to conceptualize, design, and implement a comprehensive deployment of ITS technologies and systems to serve as a model for other metropolitan areas throughout Minnesota.  Private sector partners were contracted to establish revenue generating services in an attempt to establish sustainable traveler information systems. 


Collectively, the Orion technologies included:


  • Information Sharing Among Public Agencies
  • Incident management
  • Mass Transit Innovations
  • Traffic Management Strategies
  • Advanced Traveler Information System


Some aspects of the Orion Project still exist today (e.g. the Minnesota State Patrol computer aided dispatch system and selected field equipment such as DMS signs).  However, many aspects of the Orion project helped shape the current understanding of the business models for ITS.  In addition, many Orion technologies have been replaced with Internet systems and technologies.