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Metro Transit Park and Rid Bus Stop Security System
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Metro Transit Park and Ride Bus Stop Security System

Project Description

The purpose of this operational test was to evaluate the usefulness of an audio/visual security system at the Metro Transit Park-and-Ride lot location (County Road C and Trunk Highway 61). The Metro Transit Park-and-Ride lot was chosen because the lot was under construction when the project began, allowing for easier installation of the security system and associated conduit. This site also was experiencing an increasing number of thefts, property damage and other incidents.


This research project was undertaken to determine viable security options that could be deployed to alleviate the users’ safety concerns about using the facility. Additionally, the system was designed to provide law enforcement officials with usable tools to assist in the apprehension of the perpetrators.


This park-and-ride security project involved the design, implementation and evaluation of vehicle actuated video surveillance, innovative two-way communications equipment (code blue kiosk), and contracted security monitoring of the Metro Transit Park-and-Ride lot.