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Mayday Plus

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When travelers are involved in crashes or become stranded, cellular phones are an effective tool to request emergency assistance.  However, often travelers are not able to describe their location with enough detail to allow response providers to dispatch personnel.  The objective of Mayday Plus was to develop and test in-vehicle emergency notification ‘Mayday’ devices capable of transmitting vehicle location and information about the crash to the appropriate emergency responders.  The Mayday Plus project built upon the success of earlier Mayday projects and developed a system that was capable of automatically triggering an emergency call (using crash detection technologies) or allowing the vehicle passengers to initiate an emergency notification call. Each time an emergency notification call was triggered; the system transmitted the vehicle location (determined using global positioning systems) and established a voice phone call connection between the vehicle and the emergency responders. 


This project allowed the vehicle participants to speak to emergency dispatchers while it also displayed the vehicle location to emergency dispatchers through an on-screen display.  This infrastructure was developed and tested throughout 11 counties in southeastern Minnesota.  The concepts pioneered and tested in the Mayday Plus project now exist in commercial products such as the Onstar system.