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Integrated Corridor Traffic Management (ICTM)
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Integrated Corridor Traffic Management (ICTM)

Project Description

This project was designed to make travel safer, easier and more consistent throughout the I-494 transportation corridor for residents of the corridor and those who travel in the corridor. The project used existing traffic signals, ramp meters, local streets and freeways, as well as the addition of changeable directional signs and minor adjustments to existing signals and ramps. 

With the help of ICTM technology, residents were able to better use local streets for short trips, bypassing I-494 during congested conditions. Motorists benefited from signal coordination and fewer red lights on local streets and safer travel and less congestion on I-494.  Motorists were provided with up-to-the-minute information on how incidents, construction and maintenance activities are affecting traffic. With this information, they were able to choose which route to take -- local streets, or the freeway.


The adaptive traffic control system was installed at 27 ramp meters and 68 traffic signals along with 11 arterial closed circuit television cameras to monitor traffic. The motorist information system was installed during the summer of 1998. This system consists of nine arterial variable message signs, 81 trailblazing signs, and two freeway variable message signs. A comprehensive project evaluation assessed motorist and agency benefits.