Advanced Parking Information Systems
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Advanced Parking Information Systems

Project Description 

The objective of Advanced Parking Information Systems was to test the operations and effectiveness of providing real-time parking availability information to drivers. At the time of the project, feedback from drivers indicated that there was a perception that parking availability in downtown St. Paul was limited.  However, there was not a lack of parking and this project intended to provide travelers with advice about the lots where parking was available. 


The operational test consisted of the following:

  • Determination of parking stall occupancy by participating parking operators during special events in downtown St. Paul and instantaneous transmission of available parking to the Saint Paul Traffic Control Center (TCC)
  • Instantaneous transmission of information on available parking by the St. Paul TCC to electronic message signs
  • Wireless, automated parking advisory signs placed at appropriate locations to display the number of stalls available at parking ramps or lots with direction arrows to the ramps or lots