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Who are we?

The Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors is a unique organization in the nation. While other states have departments of transportation or state ITS America chapters similar to the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and ITS Minnesota, the Board has no comparable counterpart in any other state. Its public/private representation allows a wide range of stakeholders, from researchers and manufacturers to state agency staff and health care industry representatives, to provide input on the strategic direction it provides. This status also allows it to interact with and provide guidance to policymakers in ways that public sector partnerships or trade associations cannot.

While the Minnesota Guidestar Board has evolved over its history, its work promoting ITS technologies has stayed consistent. When the Minnesota Guidestar Board and its subgroups were first founded, it was a public sector partnership made up of MnDOT, the University of Minnesota, the Department of Public Safety, and the Met Council and focused on policy, research, development, and field operational tests of ITS. In 1996 the Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors became a public/private body, expanding its membership to include private sector members. This change also marked a shift in focus to deployment of ITS. Subgroups of the Board have been formed over the years to focus on issues such as funding, programs, and project related issues. The Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors is currently overseen by an Executive Committee and includes a Marketing and Outreach Committee in coordination with ITS Minnesota.


The Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors advances transportation technology by providing strategic direction, advice, education, and a forum for developing innovative partnerships among public, private, academic, and other transportation stakeholders.


Intelligent Transportation Systems will be fully integrated into the transportation system to enhance quality of life by improving safety, mobility, economic vitality and sustainability.