MnDOT is continually striving to improve, meet customer needs, get the most from every dollar, and be transparent about our progress and use of public funds.

Below you will find information, tools and resources about how MnDOT and Minnesota transportation is funded and more.

The value of transportation

We all have a stake in A to B

We all have a stake in A to B

Our transportation system is a vital part of keeping Minnesotans connected

An enhanced transportation system will ease commutes and give businesses access to over 500,000 more employees. Minnesotans told us that these connections are important to our quality of life.

Our transportation system connects us to:

Transportation connects people to jobs, family, school, shopping, healthcare, entertainment, recreation, places of worship and more.

MnDOT is using innovation to meet transportation needs and minimize impacts to travelers.

Why is transportation important?

Transportation in the news

More transportation news.

Federal Representative talking transportation needs Feb 7, 2014

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