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TED Project—Maplewood

Hwy 36 and English Street Interchange

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Funding Package

The total project cost for the Hwy 36 and English Street Interchange project is $22,997,000.  TED funds from MnDOT and DEED contributed $1,800,000.  In addition, private investors contributed $1,000,000 to help fund this project, and the rest was paid for by other local sources.

Project Description
This project includes constructing a new tight diamond interchange that will replace the existing at-grade signalized intersection, and English Street will be grade-separated with a bridge over Hwy 36, which will include entrance/exit ramps to the highway.  Additional improvements will include the elimination of right-in/right-out access points along Hwy 36 at Atlantic Street and Hazelwood Streets, as well as other minor improvements to Hwy 36 and other local roadways.

Transportation Impacts
Hwy 36 is a principal arterial roadway that connects a number of employment centers and commercial nodes within the cities of Maplewood, Roseville, Stillwater, and other communities.  This project will preserve roadway capacity and improve traffic operations and safety along this busy corridor.  This intersection has consistently ranked high on MnDOT’s Top 200 Highest Crash-Cost Intersections, and   traffic volumes are projected to grow along this corridor. 


Economic Development Impacts
Maplewood’s economic competitiveness is highly dependent on opportunities for existing businesses to expand or development of new businesses along the Hwy 36 corridor. With the construction of this new interchange, it will make it easier for businesses to grow in this area by providing long-term efficiency and reliability that will improve the movement of goods and services in the area.  This corridor is also becoming more critical as a connector between western Wisconsin, the east metropolitan area, and jobs in the Twin Cities metropolitan core.



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