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How will Minnesota road and bridge projects be selected?

MnDOT approach

MnDOT’s approach to the Economic Recovery program - highway infrastructure (PDF 0.5 MB) was developed based on the following criteria:

  • Project readiness - MnDOT’s top priority is to use available funds so project readiness will be the top priority for project selection. Project readiness will be assessed based on status of environmental review, percent of right of way purchased, etc.
  • Consistency with performance based plans/needs - To meet its commitment to use funds to make a lasting transportation improvement, MnDOT will give priority to projects with a demonstrated performance need.
  • Statewide coverage - The intent of the economic stimulus bill is to create jobs statewide. As a result, MnDOT will work to ensure that the developed program will provide statewide coverage, job and transportation impact.
  • Balanced program - Using the entire capacity of Minnesota’s highway construction industry will ensure the best possible project prices and efficient program delivery and job creation.
  • Project advancement - To be funded with Economic Recovery Funds, projects must be advanced within the State Transportation Improvement Program or not be included within the STIP. This will ensure that the projects represent new or increased work and, therefore, result in job creation.

Metropolitan Council project consideration process