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MnDOT at the Minnesota State Fair

MnDOT at the fair

Where to find us

The MnDOT booth (PDF) is in the Education Building, 1372 Cosgrove Street. The building sits between the Fine Arts Center and the Creative Activities Building.

About our display

Our 2016 display celebrated 60 years of the interstate highway system, and also:

  • Described the way Minnesota's transportation system is vital to keeping us connected and fostering economic growth
  • Showcased the Hwy 53 relocation project between Eveleth and Virginia
  • Highlighted the need for a comprehensive transportation plan and transportation funding

MnDOT 2016 state fair display, celebrating 60 years of the interestate highway system and the need for infrastructure funding

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We'll be handing out State Highway Maps like we do every year, but feel free to grab yours and other special interest maps from our website anytime. We're also participating at the Eco Experience exhibit in the Progress Center on Randall Ave, where staff will hand out state bicycle maps.