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Legislative statutes



Excerpts from Minnesota Statute 116.07

Subd. 2a. Exemptions from standards. No standards adopted by any state agency for limiting levels of noise in terms of sound pressure which may occur in the outdoor atmosphere shall apply to (1) segments of trunk highways constructed with federal interstate substitution money, provided that all reasonably available mitigation measures are employed to abate noise, (2) an existing or newly constructed segment of a highway, provided that all reasonably available noise mitigation measures, as approved by the commissioners of the department of transportation and pollution control agency, are employed to abate noise, (3) except for the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, an existing or newly constructed segment of a road, street, or highway under the jurisdiction of a road authority of a town, statutory or home rule charter city, or county, except for roadways for which full access has been acquired


Minnesota Statute 161.125 Sound abatement along highways

Subdivision 1. Implementation. The commissioner of transportation shall implement a noise abatement study and noise abatement measures within or along the perimeter of freeways and expressways in incorporated areas contingent on the available of funding, in accordance with the section 116.07, subdivision 2a. The commissioner shall report to the legislature by February 1, 1997, on noise abatement studies and measures undertaken during the previous calendar year and planned for the next three years under this subdivision. The study must include a survey of all applicable noise standards and feasible noise abatement measures, and an evaluation of their ability to protect citizens.


Subd. 2. Repealed, 1977 c 454 s 49

Subd. 3. Sound abatement measures. For the purpose of this section, sound abatement measures include but are not limited to the following:

    • a. traffic management measures, including reduced speed limits or exclusion and rerouting of excessively noisy vehicles;
    • b. design and construction measures, including use of sound absorbing road surface materials, landscaping and planning, acquisition of buffer zones or noise insulation of buildings on abutting property;
    • c. enforcement of the motor vehicle source noise limits of the pollution control agency and the federal bureau of motor carrier safety; and
    • d. other noise measures designed for the purpose of reducing motor vehicle source noise or reducing the effects of that noise. The commissioner of the public safety shall cooperate with the commissioner of transportation in implementing any sound abatement measures that include law enforcement activities.
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