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Air and Water Quality

Current water quality projects

Christmas Lake (Lake monitoring)

Water monitoring

Christmas Lake (Lake monitoring), due to Zebra Mussel infestation lake is being treated with a chloride solution. Study is evaluating chloride residence time in a “closed” system.

I-94 Rest Stop Pond (Compliance Sampling)

I-94 Rest Stop Pond (Compliance Sampling), project coordinate with Met Council to evaluate water quality condition on surface water resources within the Metropolitan Area.

Lowry Hill Tunnel (Compliance Monitoring)

Lowry Hill Tunnel (Compliance Monitoring), collection of water samples to ensure waste wash water is in compliance with the MS4 discharge permit.

TH 100

TH 100, this project was to collect, evaluate in-situ turbidity values before, during and after construction occurs on the TH 100 corridor.

I-94/Lowry (Flow Metering/Automated storm water sampling)

I-94/Lowry (Flow Metering/Automated storm water sampling), installed in 2009, monitors an area that contains just freeway drainage off I-94 in Minneapolis. The goal is to confirm and gain better data on chloride, bacteria and phosphorus levels in MnDOT only storm water. Automated samples are taken during rain and snowmelt events throughout the year

TH 610 Iron Filling Sediment Ponds (Flow Metering, Nutrient Monitoring)

TH 610 Iron Filling Sediment Ponds (Flow Metering, Nutrient Monitoring) this project will determine effectiveness of iron filing ponds at removing nutrient s. In addition, trying to evaluate maintenance needs and length of service.

TH 36 (Flow Metering)

TH 36 (Flow Metering), As a result of lowering the road grade, some of the grade is below the water table. The required DNR water appropriation permit calls for a drainage blanket and flow monitoring. Metro Water Resources requested that OES design and maintain the flow monitoring indefinitely.

TH 1 (Compliance Sampling)

TH 1 (Compliance Sampling), project was implemented to evaluate impacts of ongoing road construction with surrounding surface water systems.