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Air and Water Quality

Water quality

Water turbidity monitoring
  • Automated storm water sampling - Design, implement, and operate computer controlled, site specific automated sampling systems to provide data for storm water runoff analysis
  • Ground water well sampling - Sampling ground water for contamination
  • Flow metering - Design, implement, and operate, computer controlled, site specific automated flowmeters to provide flow data for storm water system analysis
  • Lake/pond level monitoring - Design, implement, and operate, level monitoring equipment to determine the water depths in lakes and ponds throughout the state
  • Compliance sampling - Expert site specific water sampling conducted to evaluate potential areas of noncompliance as mandated by the MPCA
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Air quality

  • Background sampling - Continuous pre-construction background carbon monoxide monitoring to ensure that public safety is not impacted by any proposed transportation related project
  • Safety monitoring - Continuous carbon monoxide monitoring and fresh air ventilation activation to insure public safety while traveling thru special tunneled highway areas
  • Ambient compliance sampling - Continuous carbon monoxide monitoring to fulfill Clean Air Act requirements regulated by the MPCA
  • Air quality modeling - EPA approved computer modeling provides hot spot analyses to determine projected carbon monoxide concentrations at proposed intersections
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