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Elk Run Interchange

in PIne Island

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The Elk Run Interchange Project's innovative design will bring one of the first Diverging Diamond Interchanges to Minnesota.

How does a Diverging Diamond Interchange work?

With the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) design, opposing lanes of traffic criss-cross at traffic signals at the ends of the interchange. Crossing the bridge oncoming traffic is on the right side of the road, accommodating left-turning movements without conflicting with oncoming traffic. Traffic signals, signs, pavement markings and concrete barriers guide motorists through the interchange.


Pedestrians and bicycles cross to the middle of the road and travel on a trail in between the eastbound and westbound lanes with protective barriers on either side.

Diverging Diamond Interchange


Where can I see a video of traffic moving through a DDI?

The Missouri Department of Transportation has created several videos that show a DDI in action



What are the benefits of a Diverging Diamond Interchange?

Growing in popularity, the DDI design provides several benefits:

  • Higher Capacity: The DDI design has the ability to accommodate high traffic volumes with improved safety.
  • Pedestrians/Bicycle Access: The DDI design includes safe access for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Low Cost: The DDI design is less expensive to construct than the typical loop and ramp interchange design.
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