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Layout Staff Approval is simply a signature of the layout by District Engineering Staff and with Level One projects, the State Design Engineer and State Geometric Engineer. A Staff Approved Layout represents engineering concurrence among staff and signals other work units that the project is worthy and ready for the Final Design process. It also represents state acceptance of the preliminary plan directing action by other approval units and the rest of our customers.


The layout process should be a co-development process between District and Central Office staff regardless of layout level. The applicable process guidance documents encourage early project involvement by the GDSU. This also includes other department work units. This is particularly true for Level 1 projects. The CO approval of which entails a collaborative - or at least advise and consent - development.


It is most appropriate to request concurrence or staff approval on a project before municipal approval activities begin and before any Final Design or formal final bridge design activities begin on a questionable product. This eliminates conflicts in the process.


Sometimes because of timelines and with an earnest interest in not adding delay by the GDSU, approval is given to a layout under final review and comment still needing updates and changes. The approval is based on the changes being incorporated into the layout and profile before distribution. The signature copy is retained by the district as always and an updated layout and profile is sent to the GDSU for the project files as a part of that distribution. Changes to the Approved Layout after signature usually require an additional approval update and are not unusual. Sometimes this is handled by layout portion approval or signed flap with some kind of layout re-distribution necessary (see example).

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