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Layout and profile title blocks contain a space for layout or profile number. Layout No. 1 is a layout development product that is ready for viewing and comment outside the preliminary design unit and as such has a title block applied. In most cases Layout No. 1 will not be the final product used for final design as layout development is an iterative process which seeks the best solutions based on input from internal and external groups. This iterative process must remain operative not only through preliminary design, but until the project plans are completed. Layout revisions will be required as the project progresses as additional investigation is completed and input is obtained. As such, the layout number should advance when changes, revisions or additions are made. Layout number advances fall into two categories as shown below.


Minor Revisions - advance the layout number by a letter

(example: Layout 1 to Layout 1A)


Major Revisions – advance the layout number by an integer

(example: Layout 1A to Layout 2)


The layout changes that cause an advance in layout number should be recorded in the layout history along with any other pertinent information that would be of value to groups performing future reviews.


As projects develop and layout numbers advance, the designer’s must decide which groups must have an updated copy of the layout and distribute to these groups the current version. This is particularly important with projects that are moving through the process very quickly that may have multiple functional areas working simultaneously. If the designer doesn’t feel the layout revisions warrant a distribution to any groups that have previously provided input, it is a good idea to at least inform them of the changes so that they are aware of the project status.



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