Geometric Design & Layout Development
Early Concept & Layout Review
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Early Concept and Layout Review


The Geometric Unit encourages and welcomes the submittal of Preliminary design concepts and layouts for comments prior to the final layout phase. This initial review can increase the probability of an early quality product, familiarize the Geometric Design Support Unit (GDSU) with planning and design problems, generate alternatives and help the project manager evaluate solutions. The ensuing effort to try to solve layout problems results in continued research, detailed analysis, and coordination with all highway disciplines.


The planning-location and design function is an iterative process and multi disciplinary efforts must remain operative until final project plans are developed, according to the 1973 AASHO urban design manual.


Problems in planning and design are often complex and highly technical. When a project receives informal Geometric comments early it is usually done with some time constraint, not always reviewed by the total team, accomplished with minimal acquaintance with a project area, and sometimes restricted by incomplete information. The effort is made to improve layout quality and consider appropriate alternatives.


Initial observations and comments by the GDSU can change and increase as the layout develops and added research and input into a project is received. Our goal is to keep the layout development on track and make sound judgments. We continually raise questions and question decisions at this point in order to apply creative solutions to a problem. A more comprehensive review can be done on a final layout once a firm product is arrived at.

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