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Hwy 71 & Hwy 7 Roundabout


Project details

MnDOT is constructing a roundabout at the intersection of US 71 and Hwy 7 near the city of Blomkest.Hwy 71 & 7 roundabout


  • Roundabouts show an 89% decrease in fatal crashes, a 74% decrease in life-altering injury crashes and a 39% decrease in all crashes
  • Roundabouts handle high levels of traffic with less delay than stop signs or signals
  • The entry curves slow traffic, making entering and exiting easier, safer, and more efficient
  • Where roundabouts replace signals, idling decreases, which reduces vehicle emissions and fuel consumption by over 30 percent
  • How to navigate a roundabout

Project impacts

  • Detour
  • Possible delays


Cost estimate

  • $1.9 million

Americans with Disabilities Act

Accessibility and state highway projects

All MnDOT projects--both new construction and rehabilitation projects-- must include an evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This project does not include any specific accessibility components.