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Hwy 40

Bridge; 3 miles west of Milan

Project details


The Hwy 40 causeway was built from 1934-1941 as part of the Lac qui Parle Flood Control Project (PDF). The Lac qui Parle Flood Control Project was part of the Works Progress Administration, or WPA. The WPA was part of the American New Deal agencies, employing millions of unemployed people to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads. The Lac qui Parle Bridge (PDF) (5380) was a part of the flood control project. Both sides of the causeway are reinforced with hand-fit riprap. The hand-fit riprap near the bridge is one of the most elaborate examples in the Lac qui Parle Flood Control Project.

Summary of project

  • The Lac qui Parle Bridge was originally identified as a replacement project. There was concern about the replacement of a historic bridge. MnDOT agreed to rehabilitate the bridge in order to help preserve historic bridges in Minnesota.
  • Community members expressed concern regarding the decision to rehabilitate the bridge. After holding a public meeting and listening to feedback, MnDOT agreed to delay bidding of the bridge project (initially planed for May of 2015) until August of 2015.
  • After re-examination of the process and project, the decision has been made to delay the project (rehabilitate or replace) further, to the spring of 2016. A new time line, based on the final decision, will also be established.
  • In an effort to gain further feedback from the community, MnDOT hired WSB & Associates to facilitate a planning process with members of the Milan community. The goal of the task force was to develop a recommendation on the project to MnDOT District 8. The recommendation can be viewed on the documents tab.
  • MnDOT District 8 will take the recommendation under review and make a final decision by the spring of 2016.

Traffic impacts

  • Detour