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The city of Marshall, MN has been awarded a Corridor Investment Management Strategies (CIMS) grant for safety improvements at the intersection of Hwy 23 and Saratoga Street. The CIMS grant will address motorized and non-motorized safety issues that currently exist at that intersection. The project is being led by the city of Marshall.

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Interested in learning more about this project? Want to better understand how to navigate a reduced conflict intersection? Watch this short video produced by MnDOT.

Reduced Conflict Intersection benefits

A Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI) configuration has constructed to reduce the frequency and severity of motorized crashes. A trail bridge over Hwy 23 is also proposed for safe crossing for non-motorized users. An RCI is recommended based on the following:

  • The full range of possible traffic movements will continue to be served at this intersection.
  • The RCI configuration results in a two-staged crossing of Hwy 23, greatly reducing the decision making considerations for drivers on Saratoga Street.
  • The RCI design reduces the number of possible vehicle movement conflicts resulting in a safer operating intersection.
  • The RCI design will safely accommodate future traffic demands.

In addition, a trail bridge over Hwy 23 will serve non-motorized users in the following ways:

  • It's complimentary to existing, and planned, sidewalks and trails in Marshall.
  • It's located between residential developments and local school facilities.
  • It will safely serve pedestrians and bicycle crossing without vehicular conflict at the intersection.


  • City of Marshall
  • MnDOT District 8

Estimated project cost

  • $5.9 million