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Hwy 22


About this project

Hwy 22 construction near Cedar Mills to the southern limits of Litchfield
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Current traffic impacts

  • Detour of Hwy 22 is in place

Project Update

  • Working on removing and reclaiming shoulders
  • Starting to plug the cattle passes
  • Starting the construction to build turn lanes
  • Completed profile milling near the Bonfire

Summary of work

  • Resurface Hwy 22 near Cedar Mills to southern limits of Litchfield
  • Replace two culverts
  • Construct turning lanes
    • southbound to Lake Ripley
    • northbound & southbound to CR28/215 St.
    • southbound to 205 St.
    • northbound to 195 St.
    • northbound & southbound to CR 18/170 St.
    • northbound & southbound to CR20/140 St.