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Aug. 4, 2017

Intersection of Minnesota Hwy 263 and Martin County Road 26 to be converted to All-Way Stop Control on August 21

MANKATO, Minn. — Motorists on Martin County Road 26 will have to come to a complete stop at the intersection with Minnesota Highway 263 beginning on August 21st, 2017. Traffic on Minnesota Highway 263 will need to continue to stop at the intersection as well.

The conversion to All-Way Stop Control is to improve traffic safety at the intersection, which has experienced severe right angle crashes due to motorists on Highway 263 not complying with the existing through-stop control.

Crews from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Martin County will be adding the following signs and markings to the intersection:

  • Traffic Control Change Ahead – on all intersection approaches
  • Stop Ahead warning signs – on both Martin County Road 26 approaches
    • Stop Ahead warning signs are already present on the Highway 263 approaches
  • “STOP” signs – LED Enhanced on Martin County Road 26 Approaches
    • The Highway 263 approaches already have flashing red beacons above the STOP signs
  • Rumble Strips, Stop Ahead pavement messages, and Stop Bar Pavement Markings on the County Road 26 approaches to the intersection

The LED-enhanced Stop Signs will remain in place on the County Road 26 approaches for one year while MnDOT completes an evaluation of the intersection’s performance under All-Way Stop Control. After completion of the evaluation period, the county may elect to retain the LED-enhanced Stop Signs.