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Nov. 1, 2012



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Property markers being replaced on Hwy 23
Work begins after harvest


MANKATO, Minn. – Motorists may notice crews replacing and adding Hwy right of way property marker signs every 500 feet along Hwy 23 from I90 to Jasper.


The sign replacement will begin after the crops have been harvested or prior to the 2013 planting season to ensure owners know where the current right of way line exists.   A contractor will begin work in early November along Hwy 23 where a project has been re-scheduled for 2013.


The signing upgrades are part of MnDOT stepping up its effort to replace and refresh Hwy right of way signs where they are currently missing or in need of repair.  According to MnDOT records, it has been decades since many of the right of way signs were originally placed for reference.


MnDOT is responsible for the use and vegetation management of the right of way.  Incompatible or non-permitted use causes problems with site distance, drainage, utilities, erosion control requirements and maintenance.


In general the signs are being placed within Hwy property as a practical reference for both MnDOT employees and adjacent property owners, but do not represent an exact property boundary such as a monument iron.  This will help the department recognize significant encroachments inside Hwy property and will give adjacent property owners a reference point as well.   After re-signing discovered encroachments it will be re-vegetated by MnDOT with grasses.


If landowners have any questions or concerns about this project or  MnDOT property management along State Hwy 23 please contact Marc Fischer, District Seven Windom Permits, via email at or Travis Shorter, District Seven Surveys, at .


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