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News Release
March 13, 2012




Minnesota Department of Transportation
District 7, Mankato/Windom
2151 Bassett Drive
Mankato, MN 56001


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MnDOT selects Hwy 60 expansion alignments from Windom to St. James


MANKATO, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Transportation selected the preferred alignments for finishing the four-lane expansion on Hwy 60 from Windom to St. James, according to Peter Harff, project manager.


Hwy 60 has three gaps that will expand from two lanes to four lanes over the next several years. The selected alignments are:



MnDOT selects alignments that have the fewest business and farmland impacts and are the most cost effective.


Crews will construct the new segment from Butterfield to St. James in 2013-14 and the segment from Mountain Lake to Butterfield in 2015-16. 


The final segment from Windom to Mountain Lake is planned for 2017. While the roundabout at Hwy 71 in Windom was not part of the environmental review, MnDOT is considering constructing it in 2017.


MnDOT prepared a Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement because the original EIS was completed in 1983. Public hearings were held about the SFEIS and MnDOT will release the final document soon. More information and mapping is available at










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