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October 23, 2009



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Transportation enhancement projects solicited


MANKATO, Minn. - - The Area Transportation Partnership for Mn/DOT District 7 is soliciting projects for the Transportation Enhancements program, a federally-funded program that targets projects such as trails, environmental mitigation and historical preservation that are transportation related.


The ATP-7 is looking for projects in the fiscal years 2013-2014. The partnership targets about $900,000 million annually with a maximum of $400,000 per project each year. The ATP7 consists of representatives from counties, cities, regional development commissions, transit agencies and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.


Information and applications have been mailed to cities with populations over 5,000, counties and state agencies and are also available at http://www.rndc.org and click on ATP Applications . Individuals with a project to propose need to apply through their local government. A local match of at least 20 percent of the estimated cost of the project is required.


The 12 eligible Transportation Enhancements include:
• Facilities for pedestrians and bicycles
• Safety and educational activities for pedestrians and bicycles
• Scenic easements and scenic or historic sites
• Scenic or historic highway programs
• Landscaping and other scenic beautification
• Historic preservation of transportation related structures
• Rehabilitation and operation of historic buildings, structures, facilities
• Establishment of transportation museums
• Preservation of abandoned railroad corridors
• Control and removal of outdoor advertising
• Archaeological planning and research
• Mitigation of water pollution due to highway runoff


For more information, including deadlines, contact Mark Scheidel at Mn/DOT’s office in Mankato at 507-304-6196 or 1-800-657-3747 or e-mail mark.scheidel@dot.state.mn.us.