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This Allowable Lane Closure Manual is used when planning and scheduling lane and shoulder closures on MnDOT owned and operated freeways and expressways in District 6. When planning a lane closure check if the closure is allowed during the desired time of day. Effort should be made to schedule closures during the hours allowed. If a lane closure is not allowed during the hours needed to complete the work contact District 6 traffic to discuss. For information on Metro District roadways please see the Metro District Allowable Lane Closure Manual.


Lane closures allowed by this manual are typically short term (12 hours or less) and will not divert or detour traffic. Advance notice signs (installed days in advance of a closure/project) are not typically required for lane closures allowed by this manual. If a requested lane closures overlaps two or more adjacent report segments, please use the most restrictive report segment.  For those who have not used the lane closure manual before here is a short “how to” and example.

This manual is not intended to apply to emergency road maintenance and repairs that must be performed without planning. The judgment of field staff and necessity of the situation should determine the course of action in emergency situations.

The Temporary Traffic Control Field Manual from the Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MnMUTCD) provides information on typical traffic control layouts, which may be used during a lane closure. The typical layouts contained in the Temporary Traffic Control Field Manual do not cover all situations. Because all situations differ, engineering judgment should be used to insure proper traffic control. The goal of temporary traffic control is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic around the lane closure and in any location where the normal function of the roadway is temporarily suspended.

Purpose of the manual

The purpose of the Allowable Lane Closure Manual is to provide information useful for advance planning of lane closures that will minimize traffic impacts and motorist delays while promoting safety for work crews and the traveling public. This Allowable Lane Closure Manual covers MnDOT owned and operated expressways and freeways, within the District 6.

Traffic congestion and backups may contribute to the cause of crashes and motorist delays. Traffic management practices that attempt to reduce congestion have a documented positive effect on crash rates, motorist travel times, and travel time reliability. Planned lane closures that do not cause a traffic flow "bottleneck" will cause only minor to moderate levels of congestion and backup and are an effective traffic management strategy.

Segment Map
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Rochester Segment Map
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Lane closure reports

ID# Link Hwy From To

Segment 1 Northbound

Segment 1 Southbound

35 Iowa State Line I-90

Segment 2 Northbound

Segment 2 Southbound

35 I-90 TH 14

Segment 3 Northbound

Segment 3 Southbound

35 TH 14 46th St (Clinton Falls)

Segment 4 Northbound

Segment 4 Southbound

35 46th St (Clinton Falls) TH 60

Segment 5 Northbound

Segment 5 Southbound

35 TH 60 TH 21

Segment 6 Northbound

Segment 6 Southbound

35 TH 21 TH 19

Segment 7 Northbound

Segment 7 Southbound


35 TH 19 CR 2 (Elko)

Segment 8 Eastbound

Segment 8 Westbound

90 District 7 I-35
9 Intentionally left blank 90 I-35 TH 105
10 Intentionally left blank 90 TH 105 TH 218 S

Segment 11 Eastbound

Segment 11 Westbound

90 TH 218 S TH 63
90 TH 63 TH 52

Segment 13 Eastbound

Segment 13 Westbound

90 TH 52 TH 43 N

Segment 14 Eastbound

Segment 14 Westbound

90 TH 43 N TH 61

Segment 15 Eastbound

Segment 15 Westbound

90 TH 61 Wisconsin State Line
16 Intentionally left blank 14 District 7 I-35
17 Intentionally left blank 14 I-35 End 4-Lane
18 Intentionally left blank      
14 Begin 4-Lane TH 57


Segment 20 Westbound

14 TH 57 CSAH 5

Segment 21 Eastbound

Segment 21 Westbound

14 CSAH 5 TH 52
22 Intentionally left blank      

Segment 23 Northbound

Segment 23 Southbound

52 I-90 TH 63

Segment 24 Northbound

Segment 24 Southbound

52 TH 63 S Jct. TH 14

Segment 25 Northbound

Segment 25 Southbound

52 Jct. 52/14 Jct. 52/14

Segment 26 Northbound

Segment 26 Southbound

52 N Jct. TH 14 37th St.

Segment 27 Northbound

Segment 27 Southbound

52 37th St. TH 63/75th St.

Segment 28 Northbound

Segment 28 Southbound

52 TH 63/75th St. TH 58
52 TH 58 Metro District
63 CSAH 6 I-90

Segment 31 Northbound

Segment 31 Southbound

63 I-90 48th St.

Segment 32 Northbound

Segment 32 Southbound

63 48th St. TH 52
61 Wisconsin I-90

Segment 34 Northbound

Segment 34 Southbound

61 I-90 TH 43
61 TH 43 TH 248

Segment 36 Northbound

Segment 36 Southbound

61 TH 248 End 4-Lane
61 Start 4-Lane TH 19
61 TH 19 Metro District