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Hwy 63 Bridges over Mississippi River and Hwy 61

Red Wing

Project Updates

Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment (EA) below, a mandatory environmental review document, was published on June 22nd. This document explains how the project is anticipated to impact the surrounding environment. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit comments about the EA to Chad Hanson, MnDOT Project Manager (chad.hanson@state.mn.us) by July 22nd, 2015.

Red Wing Bridge Visual Quality Manual (PDF 17MB)

Preliminary design

Project animation

MnDOT and WisDOT are currently in the preliminary design and environmental review phase, with a recommended alternative of replacing the Highway 63 bridges over the Mississippi River and Highway 61 and realigning the approach roadways in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The visual quality process is moving forward and detailed visualizations of the two bridges and approach roadways are currently being developed.  Progress is continuing to be made as MnDOT and WisDOT are nearing completion of the preliminary design and environmental review tasks and look ahead to construction anticipated to begin in 2017.

Noise Analysis

Federal regulations require that projects of this nature undergo a noise analysis to determine if noise walls are cost effective based on the noise reduction to properties compared to the cost of the walls.  If they are deemed cost effective then it goes to a neighborhood vote.  The neighborhood vote determines whether or not the walls will be constructed.

MnDOT completed the study and the results determined that a noise wall is cost effective along Highway 61/63 from the new buttonhook intersection south approximately 1300 feet to just past Arkin Street.  The benefited property owners and residents will receive a notice in August with more information and a ballot for voting.  An open house for those affected will be held on August 19 from 4:30 PM-6:30 PM at the Colvill Family Center.  More information will be forthcoming in advance of the meeting.

Animations of the Highway 61/63 corridor can be viewed below with and without the noise walls constructed.


Rendering of new Eisenhower Bridge
Rendering of new Hwy 63 Mississippi River Bridge
  • The Eisenhower Bridge is fracture critical, meaning that if one fracture critical member of the bridge were to fail, the entire bridge could collapse.
  • The Hwy 63 Bridge over Hwy 61 is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Maintaining traffic on the crossing to the maximum extent possible is a key concern.
  • More background information