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About this project

Hwy 52 southbound improvements project map
Hwy 52 southbound improvements project map


(Dec. update) Over the next few months, work will continue in preparation for the 2022 construction season including:

  • Goodhue County Road 14 grading and rock removal
  • Hader interchange grading
  • Clearing of some bushes and trees along Hwy 52 from Zumbrota to Cannon Falls – during this time there will be occasional short-term lane and shoulder closures

The tree cutting and brush removal will help clear areas for construction in 2022 as well as improve areas for drainage once the construction work is completed. Removal work needs to take place in winter months to ensure seasonal nesting patterns of bats are not disrupted.

Motorists may see work taking place off of the shoulder of the roads or MnDOT land adjacent to the road, and should be alert for equipment and workers.

(Nov. 8 update)

  • Intersection of 57th Ave. and Goodhue County 14 Blvd. was reopened on Friday, Nov. 5.
  • The Hwy 52 northbound bridge south of Zumbrota will open Tuesday, Nov. 9.
  • The Hwy 60 west bridge to Wanamingo is scheduled to open Nov. 11.
  • The connection of Goodhue County Road 14 to Goodhue County Road 24 work continues, which includes dirt removal and blasting of limestone rock as needed.

(Oct. 13 update) Residents south of Cannon Falls and west of Hwy 52 may hear rock removal work beginning Oct. 22 as crews prepare the land to build a road connecting Goodhue County Road 14 with Goodhue County Road 24. Work is expected to take about 3 weeks and will be performed during late-morning or early-afternoon hours.

During this time, people may hear noise similar to fireworks, feel potential vibrations and see dust. Monitoring procedures are in place for vibration levels, fly-rock control, dust reduction and other safety precautions as required. Adjacent residents are receiving additional advance notification.

Summary of Work

Construction starts July 14, 2021. This project will reconstruct the southbound Hwy 52 lanes beginning 2.2 miles south of Hwy 19 in Cannon Falls and proceeding south to 1.2 miles north of Goodhue County Road 7 with access control improvements.

The bridges at the junctions of Hwy 60 (west) and Hwy 60 (east) near Zumbrota will be replaced. As well as the replacement of the Hwy 52 southbound bridge and rehabilitating the Hwy 52 northbound bridge over the Zumbro River.

A new interchange will be constructed to replace the existing at-grade intersection at Hwy 52 and Hwy 57 / Goodhue County Road 8 (Hader Interchange).

Additional safety and access management measures will be implemented on the corridor including new frontage roads, reduced conflict intersections (RCIs) and construction of a new Goodhue County Road 14 connection on the north end of the project near Cannon Falls.

Project schedule

Some of the items may move in time periods or change as design work continues.


  • Construct various Hwy 52 median crossover lanes to direct traffic off or onto the northbound or southbound lanes during future construction work.
  • Construct Hwy 60 West overpass bridge replacement at Zumbrota
  • Replace northbound Hwy 52 bridge at Hwy 60 east interchange south of Zumbrota


  • Reconstruct of Hwy 52 southbound from (4,000 feet north) Goodhue County Road 9 to Goodhue County Road 50
  • Interchange construction at Hwy 57 / County Road 8 at Hwy 52
  • Replace southbound Hwy 52 bridge at Hwy 60 east interchange
  • Construct County Road 14 connection, frontage roads, and cul de sacs


  • Replace southbound Hwy 52 bridge over Zumbro River
  • Reconstruct Hwy 52 southbound from County 24 Blvd. in Cannon Falls to 4,000 feet north of County 9 Blvd. 
  • Reconstruct Hwy 52 southbound from County Road 50 to 1.3 miles north of County Road 7
  • Construct frontage roads and cul de sacs
  • Construct noisewall along NB Hwy 52 south of Hwy 58 interchange at Zumbrota

Construction impacts

  • Road closure and detours required
  • Impacts to North Fork Zumbro River State Water Trail
  • Impacts to resident, field, and business access
  • Bridge removal
  • Vibration, noise and night work
  • Utility work

Traffic impacts

2021 detours with exact dates to be determined:

Early July – Late July:

  • Construct nine temporary median crossover lanes to direct traffic off or onto the Hwy 52 northbound or southbound lanes.  
  • Safety is a primary concern in every work zone area. A crossover lane allows one to two lanes of traffic to be shifted to lanes on the opposite side of the highway through the construction work zones. 
  • Construct 12 temporary right turn lanes along Hwy 52.  
  • These turn lanes help improve road traffic safety and efficiency. 
  • Construction of the median crossover lanes and right turn lanes will begin on the south end of the project and move north. 
  • Motorists will not experience traffic impacts during this time. 

Late July - October: 

  • Two lanes will be open in each direction on Hwy 52 for the majority of the project area. 
  • Single lane traffic on Hwy 52 will occur just north and south of the Hwy 60 East interchange for an approximate .5 mile. 
  • Motorists can expect single lane closures and lane shifts. Signs will give advance notice of lane changes. 

July 26 - mid-November: Hwy 60 bridge replacement:

  • Detour starts July 26 for replacement of Hwy 60 west overpass bridge at Zumbrota . 
    • Motorists traveling east on Hwy 60 to Zumbrota will utilize Hwy 52 southbound and exit at Hwy 58. 
    • Motorists traveling Hwy 52 northbound to Hwy 60 west will utilize Hwy 58 exit to west Goodhue County Road 10 to Goodhue County Road 12 to Hwy 57 north to connect to Hwy 60 in Wanamingo. 
  • July 27 and July 28: Hwy 52 consecutive night-time closures 
    • Removal of Hwy 60 west overpass bridge at Hwy 52 - dates dependent on weather and completion of prior scheduled work.
    • Hwy 52 northbound and southbound will be closed from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.
    • Motorists will utilize entrance/exit ramps to move northbound and southbound on Hwy 52.
    • 5th Street and Hwy 60 west junction will not be accessible during the overnight closures. Motorists should use the detour route during this timeframe.

August 4 - mid-November: Northbound Hwy 52 bridge replacement at Hwy 60 East interchange south of Zumbrota:

  • Aug. 4 - mid-November: Hwy 52 will be reduced to a single lane in each direction starting Thursday, Aug. 4, one-half mile north and south of the Hwy 60 east interchange. This traffic change will remain for approximately four months.
  • Aug. 4 - mid-November: Starting Aug. 4, motorists traveling west on Hwy 60 east to Hwy 52 South will travel Hwy 52 north to the Hwy 58 interchange, cross over the highway and return to Hwy 52 south. This detour will remain for approximately four months.
  • Aug. 9 and 10: Closure of Hwy 52 southbound off-ramp to Hwy 60 east during bridge removal from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. for two consecutive nights, Aug. 9 and 10.
    • Motorists traveling on Hwy 52 south to Hwy 60 east will utilize a U-turn lane at 480th St. 
    • Detour map (PDF)

More information

Apparent best value bidder selected for Hwy 52 Zumbrota to Cannon Falls Design-Build Project

Mathiowetz Construction Co. is the apparent best value bidder for the Design-Build contract to reconstruct Hwy 52 southbound, build an interchange at Hwy 52 and Hwy 57/Goodhue County Road 8 and make other safety improvements.

Bids from prime contractors on a short list were opened on Wednesday, Feb. 24 in St. Paul with four teams submitting sealed bids. The bids will be reviewed and certified before the contract is awarded in spring 2021.

Construction could begin later this summer on portions of the project. The first full construction season will begin in spring of 2022 and be completed by 2023.

Bids submitted:

  • Mathiowetz Construction Company, $69,698,166.66
  • Ames Construction, Inc., $73,973,000
  • Michels Corporation, $77,472,333.95
  • Shafer Contracting Co., $77,958,339.57

To see the results, go to MnDOT’s Design-Build project website and click on letting.

Other developments have occurred fall of 2020, including:

Park and ride

Recently the Goodhue County Board discussed and voted to move ahead with the Goodhue County plan for a park and ride in Hader that will be part of the project. They also discussed the planned realignment of Goodhue County Road 14.

Goodhue County Road 7

Due to rising costs and fiscal constraints, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is removing the planned work at Goodhue County Road 7/Sherwood Trail and in the vicinity from the Hwy 52 Southbound Improvement Project. Under the project, the County 7/Sherwood Trail intersection will be left “as is".

Additionally, MnDOT will remove planned median work and acceleration lanes at this intersection, along with “J-turns” and the repaving of northbound Hwy 52. The nearby 165th Ave. intersection will remain as it is currently aligned.

This will not change the planned construction timelines to begin later in 2021, including specific plans for reconstruction of the southbound lanes and construction of an interchange at Hwy 57/County 8. MnDOT anticipates discussions with Goodhue County on possible future work at Goodhue County 7, also known as Welch Village Road.