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Hwy 250 Bridge Replacement Project

Over the Root River near Lanesboro, MN

About this project

bridge replacement location map
Hwy 250 bridge replacement locations.

MnDOT is replacing two narrow through-truss bridges on Hwy 250 near Lanesboro. The project also involves improvements to the existing roadway alignment immediately approaching each bridge. See the final geometric layout (PDF).

Traffic impacts

  • Road is closed and detoured for construction of the south bridge in Lanesboro. Hwy 250 at the north bridge is expected to remain open for a majority of the construction, except during grading of connections back into the existing Hwy 250 alignment.
  • The detour route (PDF) includes rerouting Hwy 250 traffic onto Hwy 16, Fillmore County Road 25 and Hwy 30.

Construction updates

Work on the two bridges moved forward and workers expect to pour concrete for the approach panels this week on the south bridge, while the railings are being poured on the north bridge.

Last week on Hwy 250

  • Poured the bridge deck on the north bridge.
  • Installed storm sewer pipe at the south bridge.
  • Began backfilling sand at the east end of the north bridge.

This week on Hwy 250

  • Continue backfilling operations at the north bridge.
  • Form and pour the railings at the north bridge.
  • Begin to form and pour approach panels at the south bridge.
  • Finish installing storm sewer piping at the south bridge.

A small number of weekday river closings will be necessary at stages during construction for safety. The project is expected to be complete in September.

River traffic

A meeting was held with the contractor and several outfitters in town to discuss how to handle river traffic during construction. The contractor and the outfitters developed and plan to create a path to portage around the south bridge location. On days when it will be unsafe to travel under the bridge, a rope will be placed across the river directing people to the portage route. Orange construction fence will be placed to direct travelers around the site and back to the river downstream. When there is no rope across the river it is safe to proceed down river. It has been MnDOT's desire to impact traffic along the river as little as possible with the understanding that safety must come first. There will be no river impacts Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. If you have any specific questions regarding work being done on the Hwy 250 bridges and how it might impact traffic on the river, please contact Brian Connell of Minnowa Construction at 507-993-2792 or bconnell@minnowa.com.

Dust control

We understand residents’ concerns about additional traffic on local roads due the closure of Hwy 250 at the southern bridge. We have provisions under our contract to spray local roads and aid in dust control. We have no set schedule for this spraying - it will be on an as needed basis. The recent rain was a good way to start for dust control. Once the southern bridge is closed and the detour is in place, we expect travelers to start looking for alternate routes.