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October 6, 2011




Minnesota Department of Transportation
Rochester District 6
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New Highway 14 traffic signals in Rochester use flashing yellow arrows
Signals minimize delay, improve safety



ROCHESTER, Minn. — Motorists on Highway 14 in Rochester will encounter new traffic signals beginning Thursday, Oct. 6, that feature a flashing yellow arrow for left turns.
The signals will be located at Third Avenue, Eighth Avenue, 11th Avenue and Marion Road. They minimize unnecessary waiting for motorists and improve safety.

When illuminated, the flashing yellow arrow allows waiting motorists to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The new traffic signals will still use the traditional red, yellow and green arrows.

After extensive testing, the Federal Highway Administration authorized use of flashing yellow arrows nationwide in 2009. The flashing yellow arrow is now part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s standard design of traffic signals. MnDOT installed approximately 30 systems in the Twin Cities Metro Area, Duluth, Rogers and Sauk Rapids thus far. Some Minnesota cities and counties are also installing the new signals.

A study conducted by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program determined that drivers had fewer crashes with flashing yellow left-turn arrows than with traditional yield-on-green signals.

MnDOT plans to install the new flashing yellow arrow systems on most future traffic signal construction projects. Retrofitting existing signals to include flashing yellow arrows can be costly and will be done on a limited basis. 

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The signals are part of the Highway 14 reconstruction project, which includes adding bike lanes and landscaping, installing fiber-optic cable, resurfacing the road and closing multiple access points to improve the overall safety of Highway 14. For more information about the Highway 14 reconstruction project, visit



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