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November 24, 2010




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MnDOT, Public Safety encourage motorists to plan ahead, use their winter driving skills
Pre-Thanksgiving storm may create challenges for holiday travelers


ROCHESTER, Minn.— The Minnesota departments of Transportation and the Public Safety encourage  motorists to use their winter driving skills for the Thanksgiving holiday travel period, as winter storms move through the state beginning Wednesday and continuing through Thursday morning.

National Weather Service forecasts predict that rain, freezing rain, snow and winds will hit southeastern Minnesota late morning to early afternoon Wednesday and continue during drive-time, dark-time and holiday travel-time. 

MnDOT crews spread anti-icing liquid on the roads overnight Tuesday to prevent frost formation. Plow drivers continue to check weather forecasts and road conditions. Crews are prepared to have all available trucks on the roads when needed. 

Motorists should remember to:




Pay Attention or Pay the Price