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Hwy 78 Resurfacing/Battle Lake Reconstruction

Hwy 210 in Battle Lake to Hwy 10 in Perham

Orange barrels on a highway

Pilot Car Safety

Traveling safely through the Work Zone

Vehicles follow the pilot car through the workzone. Or, vehicles stop and wait while the pilot car leads traffic in the opposite direction through the work zone. Always follow intructions given by flaggers in work zones.Some rural construction projects use a signed car to lead traffic through the work area at a safe speed. This car is called a pilot car. A “PILOT CAR FOLLOW ME” sign will be displayed on the rear of this vehicle.

There will be only one lane of traffic open during this construction project. A flagger will release traffic to follow the pilot car to the other end of construction where a second flagger will be holding traffic from the opposing lane. Traffic will only be released to a pilot car going in the same direction.

If you are entering the roadway where crews are working by a driveway or intersection, you must wait for the pilot car and vehicles following to pass you. Then you must travel in the same direction as the pilot car.

Do not travel in the opposite direction of the pilot car and the vehicles following it.