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Detroit Lakes

Transportation Planning Study
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The study was conducted November 2009 through February 2011.


The final study report is available here:





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Highway 59 at Willow Street and Long Lake Road

In recent years, Mn/DOT, Becker County and the city of Detroit Lakes have made significant investments in the transportation system infrastructure in the Detroit Lakes area. To protect these investments, the three agencies partnered to study the area west of Highway 59. The study partners recognize that new commercial development, a potential expansion of the Detroit Lakes/Becker County Airport, and ongoing city annexation for future development may affect how the current transportation systems function. The study partners hired HR Green Company to assist them in preparing a plan to evaluate existing and future transportation conditions and identify improvements to address any deficiencies. 


Key study subareas included the following:


The HR Green Company was hired to facilitate the partnership study. Key study components include:

Study area illustration (PDF 5,410 kb)


The study concluded in February 2011 and a final report and recommendations will be available in April 2011 and posted on this Web site.