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Detroit Lakes

Transportation Planning Study
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As the study committees examined issues and concerns, and members of the public commented on perceived deficiencies in the project area, a needs assessment concluded that access management, safety, and connectivity improvements would provide potential solutions to these needs.


During spring and summer 2010 alternative concepts were developed to address study area needs. The study area was divided into eight subareas representing locations where short- and long-term issues were found to be the most common. Future land uses identified by the city of Detroit Lakes were added to the graphic to add a development perspective to the subareas. 


The study subareas were numbered and are identified in the narrative below. Click on the links to the right to see a graphic illustration of each subarea and its alternatives.  


Each alternative was evaluated by the study area committees to determine measures of effectiveness in solving the problems identified using the project’s goals that were articulated at the onset of the study. Measures of effectiveness included the following ranking for each alternative:

(+) Clearly beneficial

(O) Potential to be beneficial

(–) Little or no potential to be beneficial


The Technical Advisory and Steering Committees completed the initial rankings of the alternatives in July 2010. The initial rankings for each study area alternative are included on illustrations.


The images that attach to the study area descriptions provide alternative illustrative solutions. If you wish, you may provide comments on any of the study area alternatives by clicking on the link that follows each study area alternative description.


Alternative Transportation Concepts

Subarea overview map

  1. Railroad crossing north of Highway 10

    Study Area 1 includes alternatives to cross Highway 10 and encourage the orderly development of future land uses south of Brandy Lake. A primary issue to be solved is the type and location of a future railroad crossing and location of a future access road.

  1. Highway 10 west of Highway 59

    Study Area 2 includes alternatives for the future Highway 10 west of Highway 59, including design, access management and multimodal facilities for bicycles and pedestrians.


  3. Study Area 3 – Highway 59

    Study Area 3 includes alternatives to improve access, capacity and safety for travelers using Highway 59 between Highway 10 and Willow Street.


  5. Study Area 4 – East parkway

    Study Area 4 includes alternatives for connecting roadways in the vicinity of the Detroit Lakes Municipal Airport, with consideration for the airport’s proposed improvements to extend the primary runway.


  1. Study Area 5 – West parkway

    Study Area 5 includes alternatives to connect County Road 6 (Munson Lake Road) with Highway 10 west of Long Lake. This study area is currently served by a secondary road (230th Avenue). Alternatives also consider potential multimodal needs.


  3. Study Area 6 – County Road 6

    Study Area 6 includes alternatives for future capacity and safety improvements to County Road 6 (Munson Lake Road) between Highway 59 and 230th Avenue. Alternatives also consider potential multimodal needs.


  4. Study Area 7 – Washington Avenue & Highway 34

    Study Area 7 includes alternatives for the improvement of the Washington Avenue and Highway 34 (West North Street) intersection.


  5. Study Area 8 – Highway 59 and County Road 22
  6. Study Area 8 alternatives include safety improvements for the existing Highway 59 and County Road 22 intersection.